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Printing Central

Printing center is the green color of the leading department, printing and other surface treatment process of each division of all products are in complete printing center, printing center inside the computer room design, plate making, CTP open paper cutting workshop, color printing workshop, workshop process, light oil can meet the ordinary printing, UV printing, security printing, line (dumb oil, UV oil) and other printing needs, surface treatment, polishing, covered environmental light oil (dumb oil, UV oil), a special surface treatment and other processes.


[Graphic Design Team]                         [Plate Processing]

CTP Direct Plate Making System

This system allows us to satisfy overseas customers' needs by receiving direct plate making order through internet.

CTP machine produce plates up to size VI printing-machine, films are no longer required. 

By connecting several printing machines through a server, customers' information and requirements can be directly transmitted to the printing machine. 

This system not only improve the accuracy of the color, it also decrease the defect rates so as to achieve a less production cycle.



[Material Warehouse]                          [Automatic Cutting paper Machine]

A wide range of materials,  including paper of varous sizes and    Be able to cut press according to product requirements to lower the production cost.

cardboard are stored for contingency purpose to meet different 



[Printing Workshop]

There are 18 printing lines equipped with the latest technology and machinery to deliver the best quality products to our valuable customers.


[KBA Full Size 6-Color Offset Presses]        [KBA 6+L Offset Presses]

To aaprint over-sized posters and packaging boxes.                   Best for multi-color printing runs.


[Heidelberg 5-Color + UV]                     [Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74]

Suitable for high quality printing for cigarette packages, wine 

cartons, laser gold and silver board and PET materials.                Best for short run work to fully reflect its speed and efficiency.


[Heidelberg 5-Color + Costing]

During the color printing process, a glossy coating will be added to raise the printing quality.

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